Beyond Exterior
The All New Veloz comes with an attractive intention yet more challenging look in every way

  • New Distinctive Front Looks (All Type)
  • New Sturdy Rear Bumper (All Type)
  • New Progressive Rear Combination Lamp with Full Backdoor LED (All Type)
  • New Tough 17″ Alloy Wheel (Q Type)
  • New Auto Retractable Mirror (All Type) with New Foot Lamp (Q Type)
  • New Remarkable Chrome Window Belt, Fender Line & Roof Rail (All Type)

Beyond Interior
The all New Veloz is meant to keep you and your family in leisure yet always go with the style as multiple distinctive features await you to convey

  • New Comfortable Full Dashboard Interior (All Type)
  • New Fabric & Leather Combination Seat (All Type)
  • New Spacious Cabin with New Long Sofa Mode (All Type)
  • New Integrated 9″ Head unit (All Type) with Advanced Smartphone Connectivity (Q Type)
  • New Advanced 7″ Digital TFT MID (All Type)
  • New Rear-Seat Entertainment (All type)

Beyond Safety
It’s time to take your journey confidently as The All New Veloz comes with exclusive features to accompany your drive with utmost leaisure.

  • Pre-Collision System (PCS) (Q CVT TSS Type)
  • Front Departure Alert (Q CVT TSS Type)
  • Pedal Misoperation Control (Q CVT TSS Type)
    Lane Departure Assist (Q CVT TSS Type)
  • Rear Crossing Traffic Alert (Q CVT TSS Type)
  • Blind Spot Monitoring (Q CVT TSS Type)

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